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Whether you are a seasoned investor, or perhaps you are looking to invest in Real Estate, we have a opportunity for you to capitalize on your investment. The Lyon Team Investor Club allows us to match you with prospective home sellers that are looking to move their property. Many times this can save the investor several thousand dollars in purchase price, and allowing you a higher profit margin. The Lyon Team offers an array of guarantees when we list and sell properties along with Unique Selling Propositions that allow sellers to be matched with qualified investors to buy the property at a price agreeable to the seller and investor.

3 REASONS to Include Real Estate In Your Investment Portfolio

1. Real Estate offers better cash flow yields compared to stocks, bonds, ect.

2. Build Equity on other people paying down your debt

3. You Can make a difference in your community with your investments.

Multiple Options for the Real Estate Investors

- Residential Real Estate - Invest in Houses, Condos or Apartments. Buy, Fix Up, Flip or Hold and Rent.

- Commercial Real Estate - Invest in Office Buildings, Land, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Storage units, Manufacturing Facilities, Asssembly Plants, Shopping Centers, Malls and Retail Properties. 

- Mixed Use Real Estate - Develop or Acquire multiple types of Real Estate Properties.

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